Self-contained oil flushing and filtration modules in Sale

For well over 20 years, Union Hydraulics has been proudly servicing the oil and gas industry in Sale. During these years, we have successfully completed an extensive range of oil flushing projects on new installations for many major clients across Australia. Our team is proud to offer an oil cleaning and decontamination service that includes line flushing.

As the years have gone by, we have greatly refined our process, and using the knowledge we have gained, we have designed, developed and commissioned our very own purpose-built oil flushing and filtration module.

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During the design and inception stages of this module, the design team, headed by Denis Lucardie, took into account the hurdles we have encountered over the years to design a unit custom-made to negate these issues and improve the process. This, in turn, makes the process more financially viable for the client.

Download our oil filtration and flushing module brochure:

The features of our new, self-contained oil flushing and filtration module include:

  • Fully transportable
  • Remote site operation
  • 24/7 operational capabilities
  • Fully trained and skilled operators
  • Inbuilt 20kva generator providing its own internal power which ensures no impact to site operations

What is clean oil?

New oil is not clean and does not meet plant and equipment OEM’s clean oil requirements of ISO 4406 and NAS 1638. Flushing of systems and the filtration of first fill oils will remove all levels of contaminants down to submicron size particles. This ensures an optimum level of lubrication which will help protect your plant and equipment.

Not only will our new oil flushing and filtration module flush your equipment, but it will also ensure oil cleanliness to AS 4059 & NAS1638.


The specifications of our new oil flushing and filtration module are as follows:

  • 144-1000ltr/pm 33 barg diesel-driven pumping system complete with 12kw heating package ensures the Reynolds No meets or exceeds 4000 pending pipe inside diameter
  • Directional control valves with reverse flow capabilities
  • 5 Micron filtration package
  • 100 Mesh screens
  • Custom control panel that provides real-time flow, pressure, and filter condition ISO 4406 particle count and temperature monitoring

New products

Introducing our new Lubemaster OS600, which is EXD Zone 1 compliant and can be operated in live process areas including offshore oil and gas platforms.

For more information about our oil flushing and filtration services, please contact:

Denis Lucardie
03 5144 5733

For self-contained oil flushing and filtration modules in Sale,
call the hydraulics specialists at Union Hydraulics today on 03 5144 5733 .

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